Monday, 5 September 2016

hi! new post 2016


ternampak last post, is around 2014.. omg... so long time ago.. even dah tak ingat how to create new post since the dashboard already hilang form my page.. *panic mode*. x resolve lg issue nih.. xpelah let's move on..

last post about pregnancy test, but now my baby already 15 month...

after 8 years of honeymooning life a bit shock hahaha less sleep like very less, never ending tired dari newborn sampai 15 month, i thought dh besar sket less tired but still tired... hahaha but then to see my baby happy ceria lega rasanya .. penat pon hilang..hihi  dari cerite bertukar2 susu formula coz milk production msalah sembelit ke demam ke everything lah....

but...  I love my baby so muchh

mommy love you elle



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